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Why To Choose SWINY ?

  • Those who need special attention especially oldage people and those who need privacy can also utilize the services. 
  • Complete AYUSH treatments under one roof.
  • A complete drug less resumes to avoid surgeries and medication.
  • To detoxification of the body to prevent diseases. 
  • A natural life style education along with the treatments 
  • Floatation therapy 1st time in Telangana
  • Individual care by the professional doctors
  • “Bipass the By-Pass” cardiac rejuvenation program
  • “Avoid the caesarean” pregnancy program
  • Paralysis rejuvenation programme
  • Organic food preparations

Diseases Treated

Our Packages

10 Days Detox

  • 10 Days Detox Diet
  • Create healthy eating habits
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Supporting the digestive system and weight loss 
  • Promotes mindful eating 

15 Days Weight Reduction Program

  • 15 sittings Body Shaping
  • Losing weight improves heart health
  • Losing weight improves mobility.
  • Improves sleep and boosts energy 
  • Lowers the risk of specific cancers 

Weekend Detox

  • Detox retreat to cleanse your body and mind
  • Boosting Your Metabolism, Increasing Energy and Losing Weight
  • Optimize your body’s detoxification pathways 

21 Days Surgery Avoid Program For 
Back & Neck Pain

  • Improve your posture to Heal and Prevent Back Pain
  • Increase your Flexibility and range of motion
  • Help and Prevent Back, Neck and Shoulders